Day 1 - Trollsteinen and Larsbreen

We skied from Longyearbyen to the Larsbreen Glacier then to Trollsteinen, a 850m high peak. Then checked out an open ice cave in the glacier

Then we skied over to Lars Hiertafjellet and back down Larsbreen and back to our hotel at MaryAnns Polarigg

Day 2 - Longyearbreen and Nordenskioldfjellet

Many reindeer on approaches to Platåbreen and Nordenskiöldfjellet as we skied by on a cloudy day. Our guide Brage has a gun in case we run into bears (we didn't). No pictures worth taking on a muggy arctic day

Day 3 - LowzowFjella and FoxToppen

We started from Longyearbyen then to the EISCAT observatory just E of town. We then skied up to Foxtoppen peak. These pictures are looking S towards VanMijenfjorden and then down the Rieperbreen Glacier towards the Husky Stations. Our weather was perfect with temps starting at - 5 and getting warmer through the day but winds staying light.

Then we saw our home for the next few days..... the tall ship Noordelicht